Little Spot on Bruny Island
Written by Kate Morton and Illustrated by Lois Bury, 2016

A tiny songbird lives high in the tree canopy in small pockets of bush in Tasmania.

He has to survive all the threats to his young life so finally he can live happily in the white gums of Bruny Island.

His name is Little Spot and this book about his adventures celebrates the survival of his endangered species, the forty-spotted pardalote.

The Moonlight Bird and the Grolken
Written by Anne Morgan and Illustrated by Lois Bury

Once upon a full moon night a shining bird flies over a mountain. The Grolken wants the bird to sing, dance and light up his den. The townsfolk want to display her in a palace of glass. 

But the bird just wants to fly free.

The Moonlight Bird and the Grolken is an enchanting picture book about possession, loss and freedom.

ISBN: 9781925231137
Release: 1 April 2016
Price: AU$26.00

Annabel's Dance
Written Diane Jackson Hill and Illustrated by Lois Bury

Hazy mazy oops a daisy, wriggle your ears but don’t go crazy!

Annabel is no ordinary sheep. She is wiggly and jiggly. Loud noises hurt her ears and no matter how hard she tries, she just can’t fit in with the mob. Until one day her supersensitive style brings her unexpected attention. How will the rest of the mob deal with Annabel now?

Poignant and humorous, this story of a mud-puddle coloured sheep celebrates our uniqueness.

ISBN: 9781925139358
Release: 1 February 2016
Price: $24.99

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