A new book, Billy's Bruny Island Garden

Starting to piece together the storyboard for a local story about Billy and his experience setting up a garden on Bruny Island.  Billy gets so much pleasure from being outdoors and establishing his vegetable garden amongst the wallabies, bandicoots and quolls.  This will be published by Bruny visitor Neil Wherret.  A big chance for me to draw realistic characters with Billy being 8 years old.  Book designer is Julie Hawkins who loves children's books too!

Following the work of Quentin Blake means I just had to buy 'How Tom Beat Captain Najork and His Hired Sportsmen'.  Wonderful! and the Quentin Blake biography, 'In the Theatre of the Imagination - an Artist at Work' is a delight.  When he is tackled about the fact he is rather quiet and unassuming he states, 'all the Wow goes into my drawings'  How true.