Escaping Tassie winter

A lot happening over the cold months south.  Had a trip to the Kimberleys in Western Australia, normally I would do a journal but this time excelled myself with a show of discipline that had me drawing at all stops, a great record of our trip and printed up for other tour participants.

Before going finished up artwork for 'Billy's Bruny Island Garden' published by Billy's dad, Neil Wherrett, starting as a labour of love for his son and ending up being a most enjoyable experience, I think for us all, including Julie Hawkins who did the book design.  As of this weekend it has been printed and will be available initially through this website, have included some images from the book.

Working on Kate's 'Quentin Quoll', second in her 'on Bruny Island' series after 'Little Spot'.

Artwork will appear on the blog as Quentin unfolds,  he is having adventures in a flood so watercolour will be the medium for this one.  In between all this I have been doing general artwork and had fun with a botanical painting, working on the palette of dark, dark green and pink and yellow.  Will develop a body of work around botanicals for the summer season on Bruny.  Meanwhile, I am attending the Hand made Market at Kingston Beach Hall every month, check it out!