Settling into a change of weather, Autumn now with Winter on the doorstep.

Sometimes one just has to paint something and I had a story to tell about scaling Federation Peak in Tasmania, 40 years ago. 1979 was a year of adventure and besides studying for my Midwifery course I joined a small group of avid bushwalkers to explore the SW wilderness….and that we did! Culminating in reaching the summit of Federation Peak. There were 14 of us, well trained but looking back, quite naive about the risks and exposure that this quartzite monolith represented. We paired up to help each other find foot and hand holds and the view from the top included most of southern Tasmania. So, inspired by the Hadley’s Art Prize and having a deadline to meet, I completed a large oil on linen painting looking down from the Southern Ascent to Geeves Lake 500 m below. Rather a large image below but it is a large painting..also see Instagram.

Lake Geeves.JPG